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China leads the world in facial recognition algorithms, with the best able to identify 10 million people in less than a second without any mistakes.


On Monday, the British council, a British organization specializing in international cultural and educational opportunities, issued a joint statement with eight British universities, refuting rumors that they are not accepting students from non-elite Chin


Online insurance is becoming increasingly popular in China as more young people seek insurance through fast, low-cost, social media-based apps, according to a new industry report.


The stinky, spiky durian is set to become Malaysia's next major export as the country begins a massive durian cultivation program spanning thousands of acres, hoping to cash in on China's unprecedented demand for the fruit.


Chinese scientists have designed a new biodegradable and bioactive material that can promote wound healing and skin regeneration.

中國發射的返回式衛星 十年可重復利用15次

China will launch a reusable recoverable satellite next year, with the return module able to be reused 15 times in the next decade, according to the China aerospace science and technology corporation.


Several schools in China have introduced uniforms with tracking chips to monitor students' movements and prevent them from playing truant.


Liu yongfu, director of the state council leading group office of poverty alleviation and development, said that although the covid-19 epidemic has had some impact on China's poverty alleviation efforts, the country will meet the challenge to prevent tho


China aims to add 216 new airports and develop some regional transport hubs by 2035, the China Daily quoted the civil aviation administration of China (CAAC) as saying on Tuesday.


A recent report showed that 42.2 percent of Chinese workers worked overtime in 2017, with an average of more than eight hours a day.


Shenzhen-based airbus China innovation center has signed an agreement with China mobile zhixing network technology co to jointly develop in-flight wi-fi services, driven by growing demand for in-flight networks.


"The stories of the top 10 people encapsulate the most memorable scientific events of 2018, which force us to think about who we really are, where we've come from, and where we're going," said nature features editor rich monastsky.


When describing my neighbor totoro, the first word that comes to mind is "cute." "Not in a hurry" is also an apt adjective. My neighbor totoro is the main character in hayao miyazaki's 1988 animated classic my neighbor totoro.

一位中國女士被拍到給一位印度大叔撐傘 紅變臉書

We all love a good Samaritan to prove that there really is good in our cold hearts.


Although U.S. prosecutors decided not to indict Mr. Liu after a sexual assault investigation, the Chinese e-commerce billionaire has come under heavy criticism from the public at home.

中國人在東南亞瘋狂購物 都買了些什么

In the lush green hills of raub, you can smell these things before you can see them. The pungent smell spreads quickly in the morning breeze, and you can be sure you're right: this part of Malaysia is made of durian.


Ikea, the world's biggest furniture retailer, has invested in improving its online business and is testing smaller stores in the city centre. After doing so, its profits fell by a third.


China's population will reach 1.44 billion by 2029 and then enter an "unstoppable" period of decline, a government report said.


China plans to put 3,200 kilometers of high-speed rail into operation in 2019, with a total length of more than 30,000 kilometers.


For zuo, the model who appeared in the much-criticised dolce & gabbana advert, the experience almost "ruined her modelling career".

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