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  Meghan Markle today unveiled her aspirations for her new role as theDuchess of Sussex as she left Windsor Castle with her new husband Prince Harry,hours aft


  Some are born to roam, but North Americans like to stay home.  有些人天生愛漫游,但北美人喜歡呆在家里.  People in the US and Canada spend more time indoo

雙語:韓國LG集團董事長去世 享年73歲

  South Korea's fourth-largest conglomerate, LG Group, said its Chairman KooBon-moo died Sunday.  周天,南韓國內規模排名第四的LG集團對外宣稱他們的主席具


  On last Monday the World Health Organization, the public health arm of theUnited Nations, announced a new plan to eliminate trans fats worldwide.  世界衛

我國連通公民境內境外婚姻登記信息 不用怕重婚現象了!

  The central government has enabled information sharing of marriagesregistered both in China and abroad in its latest effort to improve the accuracyof verify


  The government of Sweden announced plans on Monday to issue a pamphlet toall citizens with instructions on how to handle a potential military conflict asRus

雙語:哈里王子大婚禮品袋被拍賣, 竟然已被炒到上萬美金

  You can get your own royal swag - for just a few thousand dollars.  只需幾千美金你就可以得到屬于你自己的皇家物品.  Official gift bags given to guests of


  After staying at Windsor overnight, Harry and Meghan were due to return totheir home at Kensington Palace in London at some point on Sunday afternoon.  在


  More than 100 people are believed dead Friday after a Cubana de AviacionBoeing 737-200 crashed on takeoff from Havana's Jose Marti InternationalAirport,

伊朗近期超800人因食用野生蘑菇中毒 已有11人死亡

  More than 800 people have been poisoned after eating toxic wild mushroomsin western Iran.  近期,伊朗西部地區有超過800人因食用野生毒蘑菇發生中毒事件.  At

熊孩子玩煙花引發森林大火 獲3600萬美元高額賬單(雙語)

  A judge has ordered a teenager who started a massive wildfire in Oregon bythrowing fireworks down a gorge to pay more than USD 36 million in restitution,acc

美國7名消防隊員數月內相繼做了父親 曬喜感合照!

  There appears to be "something in the water" at the Glenpool FireDepartment, a wife of one Oklahoma firefighter joked.  俄克拉荷馬州一名消防員的妻子開玩笑

哈里王子官方結婚照公布 美翻有沒有!(雙語)

  These are the three extraordinary official photographs released by PrinceHarry and Meghan Markle today showing the happy couple madly in love in the mostbol


  If all goes as planned, sometime in the next decade an American roboticlander will arrive at a burgeoning moon base toting a small nuclear reactor.  Insid

雙語:一少年曾經無家可歸, 如今獲得哈佛全額獎學金

  PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia teen Richard Jenkins used to sleep in ahomeless shelter and was nicknamed "Harvard" by bullies for being a bookworm.  Now, he


  Wild giant panda was spotted by an infrared camera in Baishuihe NationalNature Reserve in Pengzhou, Southwest China's Sichuan province, the naturereserv

高盛:Jumia可謂潛力巨大 有望成為非洲版阿里巴巴(雙語)

  NAIROBI, Kenya-On safari for the rare African tech unicorn, Goldman SachsGroup Inc. and other big-name investors think they have spotted a winner inJumia, t


  Many parents are no doubt familiar with their teenagers' musical tastes.  Very few are probably inspired enough to launch an experiment into them.  


  What are the best, cost-effective anti-aging techniques?  有什么物美價廉的抗衰老技巧?  獲得251.1k好評的回答@Rashmi Ravishankar:  My parents are two pe


  You've heard of the placebo effect.  你可能聽說過安慰劑效應.  But are you aware of the nocebo effect, in which the human body has anegative physical


  If you've ever spent more than five minutes trying to chisel out yourcheekbones to get that Kardashian-level contour, then you'll agree with me when


  The University of Southern California Board of Trustees announced Fridaythat C.L. Max Nikias will step down from his position as the school presidentamidst


  In 17 years of teaching English composition in Greenville public schools,Yvonne Mason had seen these blunders many times before.  在格林維爾公立學校教授英

印第安納一老師撲倒持槍男子 拯救了所有學生(雙語)

  When a middle school boy allegedly opened fire at his Indiana school, thescience teacher immediately ran and tackled him to the ground, one student inthe cl


  INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - An 18-year-old who put his suburban Kansas City highschool for sale on Craigslist has been banned from graduation after the seniorprank